About Zaqueline Souras

Artist & Painter

Zaqueline Souras

Education : BS c in Biology

Artist – writer – TV producer Various books and television episodes based on Turbo the Yorkshire Terrier who educates and amuses. Turbo is a real dog. Numerous visits to schools and museum theaters; where I could share the adventures of Turbo, interact with the children of all ages and Turbo himself puts in an appearance. Established Sothis Therapy Dogs center. Murals on the Out of this world Gallery Space at the Manchester Science & Industry Museum. Based on my book Turbo & the Magic Meteorite, sponsored by Sir John Zochonis. Visiting Lecturer on the marriage of art and science; at the Canterbury College of Art, UK. Space art work, oil painting; at the National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Inst. International Assoc. for the Astronomical Arts and All Artists Union “Dialogues: Communication Through the Art of the Cosmos”, Moscow, Minsk, Kiev then art work at United Nations building, N.Y. Artwork in a variety of media and styles from water colors to oils, and landscapes to portraits, including restoration work on a Byzantine churches in K.C and Saint Louis, and scenery productions for the Jewish Community Center, K.C. Medical Illustrator for the Dental school of K.C. Technical Illustrator, freelance artist and writer at the Infrared Processing & Analysis Center (IPAC) at Caltech less.

Murals 200sq. m. based on Turbo’s adventures at Chorochronos, Greece.
Educational and art programs at schools in USA, UK, Greece, Holland.
Puppet Shows “Turbo and Thucydides” GR, UK.
“Laws of art”, Neoclassical law firm in Athens Greece “Sight Specific” a celebration of the art. Deputy chief of Mission of the USA embassy Greece “Touching the Stars” European production in english and French.
“Remembering the Future” Media education resource, Athens Greece
Science Museum of London Turbo himself makes an appearance at the Science and Industry Museum and is given an official ID card by the Museum’s security with his photograph as a consultant. Book signing event sponsored by Dillon’s
Hellenic College, London. Launch of the bool “Turbo and the Magic Meteorite” USA and Greek Embassy dignitaries attended. Opening of “Echoes of Infinity” at the International Expo of Space Art at the Smithsonian Institute, Washington DC, then at the International Aerospace Hall of Fame, Balboa Park, San Diego. Two year tour to Houston, San Francisco, Orlando, Tokyo, London, Paris and Frankfurt returning to the USA in Las Vegas Nevada. Hotel Union Plaza, Las Vegas – opening by Alexei Leonov.
E.S.A. Space Expo, Noordwijk, Holland. Less

Athens, Greece
“EIMAI” , “SPACE” both held at the cultural organization in
At the Gallery elements, at the HQ of girls and boys scouts “Turbo and the Planets”
“Space and Turbo” at the Ethniki Stegi
At the Eugenides Foundation, hosted by the ministry of foreign affairs of Greece.
Museum of Science and Industry of London as well as Manchester
Greek embassy in London
British Interplanetary Society “SPACE 86” Brighton
Gallery 52, Pasadena Ca.
Planetary Society “Planetfest” Pasadena
Fleet Planetarium, San Diego
Los Angeles Museum of Science and Industry
Gotham Fine Arts Gallery NY
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena Ca.
Los Angeles County Museum of Science and Industry Ca (x4)
IPAC Center, Caltech
“Galerie Shirley” Geneva

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