Turbo earth

My life in this time and space started just three minutes ago; and I realized what it is that I must not miss.To live each moment with you.I have a back pack full of colors, pictures, feelings, moments in time, sounds, seasons, years, new friends and I am going to share all of these with […]

Turbo at Caltech

Trotting on tip toes through the Spanish style archways of Caltech, Turbo mused on his peregrinations.“I am no longer a tourist here” thought the little brown and black Yorkshire terrier. “I’ve left behind the dank dark undergrowth of Wimbledon common, and the smells of rabbits and squirrels  for the sunshine. Clear open lawns, fountains and […]

Turbo’s Day

Turbo through time and space Part 1

Turbo tugged at the lead.  It was far too late for his evening walk and Caltech was deserted. “No other dogs to play with now and no children,” thought Turbo, “just the occasional security guard patrolling the pathways, whistling cautiously.” Turbo was angry. The little Yorkshire Terrier normally had an afternoon walk when he was […]

Turbo through time and space Part 2

Some choky smoke exuded from the area round Quabita. Turbo  sneezed, but he pricked up his ears and listened. Quabita continued, “I want you to meet George Ellery Hale. He played a central role in developing Caltech into a leading research university almost 100 years ago.” Turbo gasped. He’d gone back almost 100 years inTime! […]

Turbo through time and space Part 3

But suddenly Turbo realized that Hale, his desk and his untidy papers had all vanished, and he found himself looking at something he’d seen before, but only on a picture postcard.It was Palomar Mountain Observatory, and Turbo himself was there at the 200 inch telescope. “I’m accomplishing everything tonight”, he thought to himself. And then […]

Turbo through time and space Part 4

Quabita goes on giving Turbo history facts about the 200 inch telescope.  “In June 1928, the International Education Board voted to give money to Caltech for the purpose of building this instrument and all other facilities necessary for its construction and operation. And so it began what was to become one of man’s greatest scientific […]

Turbo through time and space Part 5

“No one could have foreseen the stupendous difficulties to be overcome nor the devastating world war which caused an additional four years delay.Construction of the 200 inch telescope was interrupted . They actually started making bomb sites (heavy duty optics for the war effort ) amongst other things” but we will talk about this another […]

Jupiter and Io Part 1

“One of these days I could enroll to become an astronomer,” mused Turbo.The plump little brown and black Yorkshire terrier stretched out on the dinning room table, and moodily chewed at a page of Marina’s homework on the planets. She had embarked on the set essay over an hour ago, and seemed exceedingly harassed. Turbo […]

Jupiter and Io Part 2

Before him was the intensely colored Great Red Spot and the featureless white clouds. Brilliant against the jet sky were star like specks of light, some of the family of moons belonging to a planet as wide as 11 Earths. Turbo gasped at himself. He was amazed with how much of the scene he recognized […]

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