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Jupiter and Io part three

He was overtaken by the deeper clouds and the smell of hydrogen sulphide, bad eggs. The gases were tingeing the clouds orange and brown now. Dark and light clouds formed round the little dog. Unperturbed, Turbo allowed himself to be pulled down further-about one third deeper into Jupiter’s core. He looked about him and did a quick retake. The gases had become liquid. The ocean had been transformed from cloudy and colorless to one of liquid silvery metal. “To explain minimises ” breathed Turbo. “This must be the same hydrogen helium mixture but the pressure is high so the hydrogen becomes like metal.”Turbo precipitated himself at full tilt towards Jupiter’s centre. This was to be the Great Probe. He was a Dog of knowledge used to having his audience on his side. Bump. “You dim wit” he muttered to himself. “You lapsed scientist you!” Marina’s father said Jupiter’s core was made of rock. And you’ve landed on it. He rolled himself over and bent his head to lick his sore back and bruised spine. He was paranoid about falling and more than a little nettled with himself.



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