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Miss Mouton Part Five

Miss Mouton was naughty and full of chatter. She was affectionate and fun to be with.  She loved reading, though she was something of a scatter-brain.  She wore a bow on her tail and a knitted collar that Prudence had made around her neck. She was the happiest and friskiest of the sheep.
Miss Mouton was a cheerful sheep.  Her mother, Elly, taught her to be tidy.   She wore bows and bells round her neck like the young, trendy Southern Mediterranean sheep.  In contrast, her school friends of the Northern Isles loved getting dirty. The youngest wore wellington boots and felt hats, except in the summer when they wore straw hats. Miss Mouton was absent-minded and vague. Ram and Elly planned everything for her, she had no chance of independence. Her father was always exasperated by her inability to tackle arithmetic and physics. The only way she resembled her father was in her love of the countryside and her vast knowledge of flowers and trees. 
Her proper public school education encouraged a love of reading and literature. She would bury herself in a story book, and be deaf to the world.



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