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Miss Mouton Part Four

His favored nephew, Ram, was well built and muscular. Due to an injury in a fight, he was a little lame in the right hind hoof and always had a walking stick. He was very sure of his own importance, and believed he knew best how to advise the other sheep on all professional or personal matters. Occasionally this attitude exasperated George who had to remind him he was not God. But Ram was hardworking and honest. George was proud of him. Ram’s little wife, Elly, was feminine and genteel. She was one of the six ewes who had come over with the flock from the Southern Mediterranean, and was fond of dressing up and parties. She was little in awe of Ram, whose rough manners were at contrast to her own, yet she was one of the few who could handle him. Charming and capricious, she was always dressed in high heels and earrings. George Mouton loved Elly and Ram and, like and benevolent Great Uncle, provided in every way possible for their daughter, Miss Mouton.



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