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Miss Mouton Part Two

The lands they reached were lush and fertile, with heady smell of wild flowers. But the winters were plagued by winds and storms and at first the sheep, under their leader, George Mouton, suffered from cold and hardship almost as badly as that they had left behind. But local sheep accepted the new flock  well, and dealt fairly in the game of barter and exchange. Thanks to the industry and persistence of George, the sheep soon had a pasture of their own.

Their coats thickened in the dark, dank winters. Their bodies grew rounded with prosperity. George encouraged marriage alliances with native sheep, so his own unruly and wild flock could learn the fine manners and behavior of the well established Northern clans. Only by integration would his small flock be eventually accepted. George was astute and demanding. He was tough. This was the way it was in those times.



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