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Turbo through time and space Part 3

But suddenly Turbo realized that Hale, his desk and his untidy papers had all vanished, and he found himself looking at something he’d seen before, but only on a picture postcard.It was Palomar Mountain Observatory, and Turbo himself was there at the 200 inch telescope. “I’m accomplishing everything tonight”, he thought to himself. And then he raised his nose. Food!Some of the workers had stopped work and were munching sandwiches. Turbo walked over to the men. He was excited to be at Palomar but he was also Hungry! One turned to look at him. “The jokes are terrible here”, one said at last to the others.“A Yorkie at Palomar! What is it Yorkie? Are you happy to be working here?” Silence. “Look into it deeply,” said the workman indicating the telescope. “Don’t worry,” he said to the little dog. Turbo realized all eyes were on him.



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