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Turbo through time and space Part 5

“No one could have foreseen the stupendous difficulties to be overcome nor the devastating world war which caused an additional four years delay.Construction of the 200 inch telescope was interrupted . They actually started making bomb sites (heavy duty optics for the war effort ) amongst other things” but we will talk about this another time said Quabita.And then she continued with the history facts. “In December of 1947 the first stars were seen reflected in the mirror”. “First look”.  A small reading glass was used for and eye piece to peer into the big mirror. Turbo tried this himself! Once asked what he saw, his noncommittal answer was, “Oh some stars”. On May 10th, 1948, the board of Caltech named the 200 inch telescope “The Hale Telescope”. “This mirror is like a window of the Universe” said Turbo.

“The window is a mirror for the world’s largest telescope, which allows astronomers to see through time and space” added Quabita. Turbo breathed a sigh of satisfaction – he’d seen the 200 inch telescope! He had looked at the stars through this telescope. He’d helped suggest it to Hale!He gazed into the telescope and as he did so, Quabita slowly vanished.But as he gazed, Turbo could see his mistress calling his name and hunting for him in the bushes of the Caltech campus. “Time to go back” he heard Quabita say as she disappeared, and somewhat exhausted by his adventures, Turbo wagged his tail. The next thing he knew, his owner was bending over him to put on his leash, and he was giving her a lick on the nose. “Where were you, Turbo?” she asked, but Turbo couldn’t explain. On the way home he mused over every detail of his adventure and his conversation with George Ellery Hale, reliving the exciting moments and wagging his tail furiously. Note: 200 inch telescopes also at Owens Valley radio observatory in Big Pine 250 miles from Caltech and on the summit of Mauna Kea in Hawaii.



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